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Nature is always close.

‘Sht. It’s o so quiet.’ For moments of zen. One hour reading. A nap. Surrounded by nature you’ll notice that a cabin can become a soft shield, allowing you to enjoy nothingness.

Relax & Enjoy.

After a busy day of work, relaxation is due. You could go to a hammam. Or a sauna. Or you could enjoy the solitude of your home-wellness-pod. Tortiga – the name oozes tranquility – could be your personal hide-away. Cosy, warm, your own ‘natural charger’.


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Silence is golden. You work, you play. On repeat. This pod allows you to enjoy the quietness of your own garden. You’ll thrive. Work solo? One Tortiga will do. Need more room? We’re on it.


Meet me.

Out of the box, into a cabin. A change of scenery can fire start your brain. The calm ambiance opens room to think, talk and plan. Leave no path unexplored.

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Wait, let’s celebrate.

Your 50th birthday. A child is born. An small exhibition. Any time there is a celebration Tortiga will present itself as an keen partner.

Eye for detail

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Our preferred partners.