+ Modular(t)

One, two, three. Mix and match sizes and shapes. There is no limit to our love for modularity.

The Tortigas can be adjusted in shape. You can extend the Tortiga by one metre. The smallest model is 4 x 6 metres. Different Tortigas can also be linked together to form another shape.

+ Self supported

The Tortigas have a self-supporting structure. Think of the vaults of old buildings. There are no supports in the unit.

+ Accoustic performance

The Tortiga’s sloping surfaces break up sound. Acoustic comfort is a great benefit. Therefore, our tortigas are also perfect for offices, meeting rooms, recording studios, rehearsal rooms.

+ Customable

The tortiga customer can add his wishes to the design. Both exterior and interior finishing is done in consultation. The possibilities are endless. Would you like the exterior to be finished in mirror, short steel, natural wood, rock panel or aluminium? The customer can also integrate his style for the interior.

+ Sunstainable

The shape of the tortiga itself makes the structure solid. The aerodynamic shape also provides comfort in stormy weather. The tortiga can withstand heavy loads. This is because of the dome effect.

+ Eco all the way

Peace of mind. We strive to only work with eco-certified materials and components. You should know that. Peace of mind comes in different kinds. When a cabin is dismantled, we reuse every component. No haste goes hand in hand with no waste.

+ Comfort. Trรฉs fort

Go as far as you wish. There is โ€“ really โ€“ no limit.

+ International

We ship worldwide.